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La gente se mueve


This tour is for a couple that later asked us for advice of where to go next. After a call with them, they agreed they wanted to do El Camino De Santiago but didn't want to miss this opportunity.

As they come on October, we will take them to the Festivity of Emerita Ludica.

This couple is arriving in Barcelona, one of the 4 connections.

(Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Lisbon)

Summary of The Tour

All tour packages are full pension, that means we will take care of finding the most suitable restaurants and cooks during the tour 

Scroll down for the detailed program

Day 1 - Sagrada Familia & Flight Transfer
Day 2 - Badajoz & Merida
Day 3 - Iberico  & Caceres
Day 4 - Transfer to Seville
Day 1 - Sagrada Familia & Transfer
Arrival to Barcelona and express visit through the city
Transfer to Badajoz and Fado concert + dinner in Elvas
Day 2 - Badajoz & Merida
Typical Extremeño Breakfast + Guide to Badajoz Muslim Empire
Roman Festivity of Emerita Ludica and lunch in Bullfight Plaza
Sleep in Sierra Traviesa Estate
Day 3 - Iberico & Caceres 
Iberico MasterClass - Full Guide From Farm to Table
Visit the Unesco Site of Caceres and follow The Game of Thrones tour

Day 4 - Transfer to Seville
Fast and comfortable transport to Seville, express tour through our favorite sites and traditional lunch in Flamenco Restaurant
Flight to Galicia