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This example of a Tour is during February, for a group of  carnival enthusiasts from UK.

As every year they come here, this time they wanted to stay a little longer and explore Extremadura and Alentejo.  

This group is arriving in Seville one of the 4 connections.

(Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Lisbon)

Summary of The Tour

All tour packages are full pension, that means we will take care of finding the most suitable restaurants and cooks during the tour 

Scroll down for the detailed program

Day 1 - Visit in Seville & Lunch in National Heritage
Day 2 - History & Culture
Day 3 - Portugal & Spain
Day 4 - Badajoz & Iberico 
Day 5 - Caceres & Iberico
Day 6 - Carnival
Day 7 - Carnival
Day 8 - Carnival & Roman Spa
Introduction to Carnival

Watch this video so you can understand more of this festivity!

Day 1 - Seville & Lunch 
Arrival to Seville and visit through our favorite spots
Lunch in National Heritage Palace 
Visit Zafra
Sleep at Iberico Home
Day 2 - Spain & Portugal
Visit to different Unesco Sites as Elvas and Evora
Visit to portuguese wineries and cheese manufacturers.
Lunch in Winery
Dinner at Fado Restaurant
Day 3 - Iberico & Badajoz
Traditional El Pastor Breakfast
Tour around Badajoz + Flying over Alcazaba
Merida Tour
Sleep at Sierra Traviesa Estate
Day 4 - Iberico & Cáceres